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Thinking About Whitening Your Teeth?

Tooth WhiteningProfessional teeth whitening offers big advantages over commercial kits you can find online or in stores. Unlike these over-the-counter products, products available from the dentist are stronger, more concentrated and gentler on your teeth and gums.

See Faster Results

An in-house ZOOM! whitening treatment only takes about 1-1.5 hours to complete. Since it’s applied by your dentist, you’ll get professional results that shine brighter than what you could get at home.

We’ll measure the shade of your teeth before the procedure, then compare the whiter hue against the same guide once your treatment is complete. Most ZOOM! treatments lighten your smile by several shades in just one sitting.

With a commercial kit, you’ll need to whiten every day for up to two weeks before you see full results. Even then, your teeth won’t be as bright as if you had ZOOM! whitening performed by a dentist (since the gel is weaker).

Even vs. Splotchy Whitening

Getting your teeth whitened in a day means you’ll see even results across your entire smile. During your procedure, the ZOOM! gel is evenly applied to all of the smooth and contoured surfaces of your teeth. When the light amplifies the gel, stains are oxidized at the same rate.

That isn’t always the case if you’re whitening at home. Since strips and gels may not contact all of the surfaces of your teeth, it can leave some areas looking darker than the rest. After a few sessions, those discoloured surfaces will stand out even more. The most noticeable areas are the sides of your teeth (close to where they touch) and the gumlines.


Over-the-counter products have harsh chemicals and preservatives that can burn your gums or make teeth feel sensitive. To bypass these unwanted side-effects, it’s safer to have your smile whitened by a dentist.


Think a commercial whitening kit is cheaper? Think again! It’s actually more cost effective to have your smile professional whitened and maintained than it is to constantly purchase new kits to keep your teeth bright.

For best results, we recommend touching up for a few days after each scale and clean (every six months.)

Have Questions?

Find out if ZOOM! teeth whitening is right for you or what other options might be available to enhance your smile. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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